Step Off The Tourist Trail

Our tours offer the perfect way to discover this beautiful corner of Costa Rica. Take our chocolate tour and learn where chocolate comes from and how it is made, explore 
La Cangreja National Park, learn about local legends and medicinal plants at thIndigenous Reserve in Zapaton, or explore the other projects in Mastatal.

La Cangreja National Park

Price: ¢12,500 Colones ($25) per person

Two guided tours of La Cangreja National Park are available. The less physically demanding of the two is through the lower tropical rainforest to a large waterfall, with the chance to see many different plants and animals.

The second is an all day hike up to the highest peak in La Cangreja where you will have incredible views of the area, one clear days you can see the Pacific coastline.

Usually tours last a minimum of 6 hours, however we can tailor a tour to your needs.

Zapaton Indigenous Reserve

Price: ¢7,500 Colones ($15) per person
The indigenous territory of Zapaton is located adjacent to La Cangreja, once home to the Hueter nation. The people of Zapaton strive to preserve their culture and knowledge of the natural world for future generations.

Learn about the history and legends surrounding Zapaton and La Cangreja, how medicinal plants are still used today and try your hand at traditional basking weaving.

Zapaton cannot be accessed by foot, however we can make additional arrangements for transportation.

This tour is only available in Spanish and usually lasts about 2 hours. Please let us know if you will require a translator.

Spanish Classes 

Prices: ¢5,000 Colones
($10) per hour
¢100,000 Colones
($200) per week

Lessons can be tailored to meet your unique needs, including study of professional vocabulary or basic conversational skills. Your classroom will be an open-air building surrounded by the beautiful sounds and sights of the Costa Rican rainforest.

The Spanish School at Finca Siempre Verde offers all levels of students, ranging from absolute beginners to advanced speakers of the language. When students arrive they will have an oral interview to determine their level.

Classes can be arranged according to your schedule and needs. You can also choose the full-immersion Spanish school option. This program is designed to provide a complete immersion experience with classes from Monday to Friday, two hours each day.

Fermentation Workshops

 Prices: ¢12,500 ($25) per person (3 person minimum)
Groups: ¢10,000 ($20) per person (5 person minimum)

Learn how to make simple and delicious fermented foods with local ingredients anywhere you live. Each workshop is designed to give you an understanding of fermentation science, health benefits and production on a home scale. Classes can be tailored to both beginning and advanced fermenters.

Topics covered include fermented vegetables, herbal medicinal sodas and beers and home brewing with seasonal fruits and sugars.

Workshop are led by Laura Killingbeck, Director of Food Systems and Fermentation at Rancho Mastatal.

Each workshop is approximately 2-3 hours long and can be scheduled in the afternoon.

Finca Siempre Verde

Finca Siempre Verde strives to build and produce necessities in harmony with the Earth while helping both the local community and our visitors live in a sustainable manner. We strive to teach visitors a real Costa Rican lifestyle with a local Tico family.

We aim to provide a unique ecotourism opportunity for our visitors that allows them to experience life in the rainforest while learning about organic farming, local ecology, language, culture and reforestation.

Rancho Mastatal

Rancho Mastatal is an environmental learning and sustainable living center, rural sanctuary and lodge. We practice, promote and teach about living responsibly in the tropics while educating visitors about the significance of the world's disappearing tropical forests. 

We offer workshops throughout the year including Bamboo Construction, Permaculture, Fermentation, Agroforestry, Earth Building, Renewable Energy, Wilderness Medicine, Timberframing, Biochar Production and Biodigester Design and Construction.

Villas Mastatal

At Villas Mastatal you will experience a natural, organic, biodynamic and rural way of life. The rainforest drives our lifestyle as we work to preserve it. Our mission to create an 'integral' farm and incorporates local, resilient design and regenerative agricultural practices with both individual and group education.

Conservation, community, education and tourism all make up a natural and organic experience for our visitors and volunteers.