Intensive Cacao & Chocolate Class

Led by Jorge or Vicki, our personalised intensive chocolate class is aimed at those working within, or thinking about starting out in the chocolate industry. We are available to answer all your questions in detail whether they may be about tempering methods or cacao varieties. 


Like our short tour, you will have the opportunity to see all stages of the process on our organic cacao farm, the opportunity to help harvest may also be available depending on the month of your visit. The aim of this class is to tailor it to your specific area of interest whilst giving you an overview of all processes involved in getting from tree to truffle or bar.

Day: By appointment only

Duration: Two Half Days
(with the opportunity for further discussion in the evenings and to explore the stunning surroundings in the afternoon)

Price: $300 per person
(Lunch, evening meal, one night private accommodation, breakfast and lunch the following day are all included in the price of this class)