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Farm Shop




Take the scenic route between from Jaco or Manuel Antonio on the Central Pacific Coast and San Jose and stop by the shop on our cacao farm to see where the magic happens.


Shop our full range of craft chocolate and cacao based products. We also stock genuine Costa Rican made products and crafts from our local community and beyond.



Mon - Sat: 8am to 5pm


Our chocolate is also available to ship within Costa Rica,

see our CHOCOLATE page for more information.

Click HERE for more information on the many things to do near La Iguana.

Products we stock

In addition to our chocolate and cacao products we proudly stock products and crafts from many other incredible small Costa Rican businesses:

Kis Botanicals

Herbal tinctures, salves & medicines


Handmade, dyed and printed bags and books

Don Lucas

Award winning coffee


Costa Rican flora & fauna stickers and prints


Bags, books, stickers and more

Blue Zones

Herbal teas, ojoche morning brews & flavoured sea salts

Don Javier

local honey & honeycomb

La Encantada

Local bee pollen

La Bella Naturals

Natural soaps


Soy candles


Guabaya Games

Costa Rican themed childrens' games

Pines Illustrados

Costa Rican flora & fauna themed pins


Handmade Costa Rican bird earrings

Sloth Creek

Sand-blasted La Iguana mugs


Paintings & crafts

Taste With Colour Flavour Maps

Chocolate tasting flavour maps by Hazel Lee

If you are interested in selling your products at La Iguana, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Click HERE for more information on the many things to do near La Iguana.

Visit Us



Like all the best places in Costa Rica we are located off the beaten path, this means that part of the drive out to us is on dirt roads. Although not necessary for the majority of the year we do recommend a 4x4 car. Allow a little extra time to get here, be prepared for rough roads and stunning scenery.
It is worth the trip!

Get away from the crowds for a few hours and experience the real Costa Rica,
we are less than 1.5hrs from Manuel Antonio & Jaco on the Central Pacific Coast.

Navigate to us using Google Maps or Waze. Just search for La Iguana Chocolate. 
Don't trust your rental car GPS or your hotel for accurate directions!

See Location on Google Maps

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